Welcome to Swan Boat Builders, creators of beautiful, high-quality, bespoke widebeams and narrowboats. For the first three years, the team concentrated on building narrowboats but then the call of the widebeam came, a call they were very happy to answer.


Swan are delighted to announce that Sonas, their third widebeam, will be launched in Liverpool the week beginning 4 October. The proud owners have shown remarkable patience as they faced so many delays and setbacks. But their dream is about to become a reality! They have been making short videos of the build and will be filming the launch - if, they say, they can hold the camera steady with all the excitement! Click here for more information about this stunning boat.

The Swan team had a wonderful time at the Crick Boat Show, where they showcased two very different boats. The queues were long but they managed to accommodate everyone who wanted to see inside. Perhaps a few of them will join the Swan Family in the not too distant future. Photos following soon.

If you missed it, catch it on More4!

Episode 2: Broadcast on Tuesday 20 July 2021

Colin had a very clear vision of what he wanted to make his dream of the perfect life on the water a reality: lithium batteries, solar panels, an engine upgrade, smart controls - and much more. This proved to be a great project for the entire Swan team, but it was also a challenging one. As soon as Swan finalised the specification, a very exciting email arrived: Channel 4 wanted to feature one of their narrowboats on My Floating Home - so their priority was to send the whole team for elocution lessons for their fantastic Liverpool accents! Then they’d need to bring the stylists in for hair and make-up! From start to finish, the filming process was an amazing experience for the team and for Colin too. There were some hiccups along the way - with a global pandemic getting in the way! 

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