Build Your Dream

The process of making the jump to a new life on the water – as a full-time liveaboard or a weekend leisure boater – can be a daunting one. There are so many things to think about, but the Swan team, with its broad range of expertise, will guide you through all the steps and choices, making it as stress free as possible. Here are just some of the things to think about and discuss with Ian and his team. 








Solar Panels



A no-obligation quotation is just a phone call or email away. And you are always welcome to visit the workshop by appointment. We can offer everything from sailaway to fully fitted. A sailaway lined boat might be just the thing for DIY enthusiasts who want to fit their own galleys, for example.



When it comes to choosing the engine, it needs to have the right level of power for the size of the boat but be as quiet as possible, with enough alternator power to keep the batteries topped up. It also needs to be reliable, which is why Swan installs the class-leading Beta Marine. Your engine bay will be laid out with maintenance in mind, so everything is easily accessible. You will still be left with much-needed storage room for your essentials. The addition of LED lighting makes servicing and checking the bilge that bit easier. Standard Wasp water separator filters ensure that the diesel being fed to your engine is as clean as possible. A secondary fuel filter is also fitted as standard. Hybrid engines are becoming increasingly popular, so customers can now also consider a system by Hybrid Marine.

Swan believes the finest paint finish is achieved by using the traditional method: thorough preparation, high-quality coach paint, a roller, and the finest brush possible. It’s a process that can’t be rushed – from the first coat of primer to the final coat of gloss. Seven – yes, seven – layers in total. Swan’s paint of choice is made by Symphony, providing a durable glossy finish that will keep your investment looking as good as it did on the day it left the factory.

Or would you like Swan to create your dream?

For those who do not want to spend time designing and specifying their own boat, a stock boat could be the perfect answer. Click here for details of what goes into a stock boat.