Sonas, Swan’s third widebeam, is now due to be launched in Liverpool in October 2021. Salthouse Dock: what a wonderful place to start full-time life aboard! And so close to home.

Sonas - Irish for Happiness - will be powered by a Beta Marine 75 Greenline engine, giving them enough power to cruise on rivers as well as canals. Electricity will be provided by 1.2kW of semi-flexible solar panels and 600Ah of LiFePO4 batteries. Heating and hot water will come from a Kabola boiler, meaning there will be no need for a stove. After many months of research, the clients opted for a Cinderella incinerator toilet. As Angie has a disability, Swan have adapted the steps to suit her needs.

Mark and Angie have been making short videos of the build so far. More will be added soon. Watch this space!