Engine choice is very important when your considering a canal boat. You need something with plenty of power, reliable, as quiet as possible and enough alternator power to keep your batteries as healthy as possible.

Our choice at Swan Boats is none other than the class leading Beta Marine. Combining effortless power and torque, with great size twin alternators you will never be stuck for power, torque and your batteries will be topped right up after a day of cruising the cut. Reliability is absolute paramount with our engine choice, with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and unbeatable manufacturer  back up Beta Marine have both cases firmly covered for added peace of mind.

Our engine rooms are always layed out with maintenance in mind, with everything in as easy access as possible when installing, leaving some much needed storage room for your essentials. LED engine room lights are a great added extra for any late night servicing and making checking the bilge easy whatever time of the day. Standard Wasp water seperator filters are fitted with every boat to ensure the diesel being fed to your engine is as clean as possible, a secondary fuel filter is also fitted as standard.

In a nutshell, a reliable, robust, great specification engine to see you through any situation. The classic Beta Marine green looks absolutely great in the engine rooms too!

Another option available would be a Hybrid Marine system, please don’t hesitate to enquire when requesting a specification.