Boat Building Process

So here is our 5 easy steps to starting that journey:

  1. Lifestyle:
  • How do you plan to use the boat, is it as a liveaboard or as a part-time cruiser.
  • Will you be a cooking extraordinaire or going to the pub?
  • Will you have people to visit, if so, how often?
  1. Research:
  • Start looking at other boats, including the different types of stern & layouts.
  • Take a look on YouTube, there are some cracking channels that will help you understand further.
  • Buy a copy of Waterways World & Canal Boat – their boat tests will help you understand some of the jargon. 
  1. Finance:        
  • How much money have you got to spend? How will it be financed?
  1. Boat Builders:
  • Research your different boat builders or even better, see the at one of the big boat shows like Crick. 
  • Research both stock boats & custom builds, here at Swan we offer both.
  • Stock boats can help keep costs down, so make sure you take a look at both options.
  1. Visit Swan:
  • Come visit us, we love to host people and show them what we do.
  • We can talk through the above points together over a brew.
  • Plus Liverpool is a cracking city to visit!